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14 December 2030 @ 10:07 am
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10 June 2030 @ 12:25 am
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22 March 2030 @ 01:12 am
This post here is for personal conversations which should happen but one or both of us doesn't want to put up a new post/log and thus we will just thread it out here. This can be used to thread with Helios anytime and anywhere. This can either be in person (with action), or via the journal's call feature (voice and/or written).

When replying to this post please mark in the subject line when and how it is taking place EX:
[Action, March 11th]
[Voice, September 8th]
[Written, June 10th]
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13 November 2020 @ 06:08 pm
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16 August 2020 @ 12:54 am
Got any complaints about good ol' Helios here? If so tell me nicely and civilly~ Anon is on, IP logging off, and Screening on so have at it folks!

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13 May 2020 @ 10:26 pm
Ah. This Helios speaking. I-I can't come to the phone right now so-so please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!
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31 March 2020 @ 10:54 am
Helios Sprensonne
[ Action ]

[ The draft had left everyone feeling disoriented and he was no exception. It might also have to do with the fact that his right wing was broken, along with his arm and a few ribs. His arm and ribs have healed quite a bit since then. The injuries now only light sprains that he wears a brace on his arm for. His wing, however, is taking much longer to heal and it's left him bed ridden for several days since the draft ended. Despite his general and easy return to almost full healthy Helios has been resting in the clinic for a few days. But today he's probably well enough to get up and have a short stroll around the village, maybe even play a little with Luminair and Maggir who are in Saori's care for the time being. Helios can be found at the bakery, library and then the clinic (when he's finally yelled at and dragged back there for being a bad patient) for most of the day. He looks better than he has been and he's not nearly as tired as he was, so overall he's making a pretty good recovery.

It's later into the evening when everything is winding down that he'll make a voice post over the network.

[ Voice ]

I know it-it's been rather rough on most of us these last few days. So I was w-wondering if anyone would like to do a potluck sort of endeavor at-at the welcome center? It could help us all wind down from the obvious thing. But, ah, it's-it's just a suggestion of course.

[ Because food makes everything better, right? ] Also if-if it's not too much trouble would anyone be willing to, ah, talk for a bit? It doesn't have to be about anything in particular, really. I-I've just been having a hard time sleeping lately- [ pain does that to you and of course the creeping sensations he gets when he dreams. Like he's being watched by something and it doesn't go away, it just never seems to go away.] -so perhaps I'll start off with a question. What's your favorite memory of home? It doesn't have to be one specific memory or event. I remember when I was little of going to the town near the castle and getting this fantastic ice cream from the ice cream parlor there. It was homemade, sweet and creamy, absolutely delicious; I haven't had ice cream that lived up to those standards yet. I've always tried to make it myself but it just never tasted quite like that type. [ Helios supposed that was a good thing. It would ruin the true artistry of the ice cream back home. ]

So if you want to talk, feel free to answer. Otherwise I hope you all have a good night.
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[ Today Helios can be found in his usual haunts. He’ll take a day off from the library to practice his magic in the afternoon after school. Anyone near the edge of town of by the lake will hear and see crackles of thunder, loud bangs of fire and flashes of light erupting along the coastline of the lake itself. It’s out of the way enough that it won’t affect anyone but people can still see it from the edge of town. There’s a few targets made of clay, dirt, and mud all around the area should anyone actually venture out to see what’s going on. Each clay figure is sporting different elementally inflicted wounds. Helios himself has a worked up a good sweat at least and he’ll wipe his brow free before going to his journal. He’ll be standing in the middle of it all with a satisfied look on his face. ]

I was wondering if anyone would like to have a spar. Ah, well, a magical one that is. I-I’ve been neglecting my duties to practice for a while now, and since the weather is nice today I thought it’d be good to get some practice in. [ The Battle Dome scares him, okay? Otherwise he would have used that to train but…how does he technology? ] I’m by the lake if anyone would like to join me for a few one on one sessions. [ And here he’ll pause for a moment before continuing to talk. ]

But beside that. There’s a magic club here that I-I’ve also been neglecting, which is unfair to the members who joined it some time ago. I was wondering if anyone would like to meet, perhaps this Saturday by the beach. I’ve been meaning to get some ideas and thoughts about a certain flying ship, but I haven’t actually made much progress on my own. I-I’d really love to chat and speak with you all again, new arrivals are welcome to stop by as well. It’s pretty much open to everyone, really, there’s no limitations even if you’re not a magic user yourself. There will be food and drink as is customary for our meetings. So bring yourself and a healthy appetite!

[ Some people just like learning about it and that’s fine too. ] So I-I’ll be in touch and you can always contact me via the journals if you wish to speak in private! Thank you for your time and f-for listening. I’ll be out at the lake for a little while longer, so there’s no need to rush.

[ It helps him think out here, the peace and quiet and solitude of it all. So many things have happened recently especially at house 44. Yunna leaving this morning is the main thing in particular and Valentine’s Day was still lingering in his mind as well. He just needs a momentary break from it to clear his head. ] ]
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25 January 2014 @ 02:12 am
[ Helios for the most part will be wandering about the village talking and being pleasant with the new arrivals. There are quite a lot of you after all and this is a disorienting experience if there ever was one. He'll be found in the library, tea shop, and Mythoria cafe helping serve or to just talk to anyone who wants to chat. And when he's not at those places he'll be in the town square with his baby dragons who will be curious to meet any new faces they haven't seen before. He's in pretty good spirits so don't be shy! ]
Helios Sprensonne
[ Helios will be dumped off unceremoniously into the snow early morning of the 2nd of December. It's a light snow, but it is sticking, so he's bound to be able to make some sculptures with it. It's become something of a tradition and Helios is going to uphold it for as long as he can. Despite the evident bruising and his wobbly steps Helios is going to pretend that he wasn't just dumped into the snow by a pair of droids. He'll set off right to work after returning to House 44 and stopping off at House 51 to check in on Max and his housemates. Ensuring them all that he's not gone and that he had just been mallynapped for a few days. He'll also be busy setting up some Christmas decorations in the Library because tis the season, etc, etc. Once that's taken care of he'll set to work in the plaza.

He'll setup a station with warm cider, coffee, and coco before he makes his sculptures once again around the general vicinity of the town. It's a nice way to bring in the new season and the first snow fall of the year. Luminair and Maggir will be with him as well, Luminair sporting a cute little sweater while Maggir has her thick fur coat. They're both having loads of fun in the snow. Maggir especially since she was built for the weather. The two dragons will run over and play with anyone who walks by including snow mythica. They'll be around town chasing the prancing unicorns, fluttering pixies and swooping phoenixes that dot the sky, each one leaving a trail of snow in the air as they dive and twirl in the air. serpentine dragons will smoothly move through the snow strewn ground in silent majestic grace. Anyone can stop by for some entertain or make your own.

How many of you have heard of a Yuki-onna? They're a type of spirit that takes the form of a beautiful woman with raven black hair. They're said to lead traveler's astray to freeze to death in the winter months of Japan. But to be fair I've always found them helpful on my travels. [ He'll laugh a little at that because he got so terribly lost that one time... ]

There's also Amarok, Akhlut, Barbegazi, Hrimthurs, Ijiraq, and some others. But Jotuns, Yetis, Wendigoes, and Father Winter are probably some of the more well known names associated with winter. It's amazing how many mythological creatures are associated with weather when you think about it. Oh! I almost forgot about Jack Frost! He's a very popular character during this time of the year too. [ Derp Helios, derp. ]

But if anyone wants to stop by plaza for some hot coco and to help me build some snow myths feel free to do so! The new cafe in Cloud Nine's place is just about ready to open as well. I have some food from the menu out for snacking on too, if people would oblige me in taste testing them. I think having it open after the New Year will be best since, ah, I still need a good few volunteers to help out with running it. If-if you know anyone or would like to help out feel free to contact me in person or through the journals. I'll certainly be about!

[ And true to his word Helios will definitely have hot plates of food out for people to nibble on as well. It's an assortment of things like pot stickers, some cheese and crackers, and other finger foods. Some of them recognizable while others not so much. ]
Helios Sprensonne
[ From the 9th-14th ] )

[ Early evening of the 10th ] )

S-Speaking of Halloween. [ Halloween tended to have bad shifts and even though his past two weren’t so fond, he still tries to have a positive outlook on the Halloween. He doesn’t want the shifts to sour one of his favorite times of the year. ] I know there’s a lot of…things that have happened recently, but maybe something to liven up people spirits might be good. Help get p-people's minds off of things and all that. [ He wasn’t unknowing towards the shift bomb or the Iron Eye, it still made his stomach turn at learning about all those people gone forever because of the decision of people in this very enclosure. ] Oh! Maybe a-a pumpkin carving contest! Those are always fun and you can make lots of pumpkin pie from the rest of the pumpkin. [ Pumpkin pie for the entire village yes, good. ]

((ooc; You can run into Helios with action from the 9th-14th. He'll be around town and the house. The 10th can be used for voice or action as well~))
Helios Sprensonne
Do you have a tradition that celebrates or honors the dead back home? In Romania back in the old days people always used to celebrate with a carnival. Merry Cemetery of Sapanţa is what it’s called now. It’s a very large and colorful cemetery also a museum as well. It’s quite well known to locals but sometimes you get people from around the world to go visit it. It’s not mourning in the obvious and usual sense, but it does help when you go about it a certain way. Amazing how cultures and people vary in their depictions of it, it’s very…interesting to say the least. The fact that death doesn’t have to be solemn but a celebration towards moving forward into a better life is a strange concept to conceive. Even when I was younger it was hard to be happy at such an affair, but perhaps my parents were right. Perhaps the person has gone on to some better, happier, place and thinking about it always made me smile just a little bit. [ There’s a soft sigh on his end as he continues. ]

But, goodness that is a bit morbid. I apologize for such things, it's just one of those days. [ He sounds a bit sad as he says those words. One of those days indeed and few handful of people who he's spoken to about this knew exactly what he meant by that. ]

What are...somethings you do to keep your mind from wandering? Making new sigils, spells, and reading helps me a bit but well perhaps I need some new busy work to sink my attentions into.

[ There’s a pause before he speaks once again. ]

But for something less dreary; I have an idea I’d like to discuss, if anyone is willing to lend an ear. I realize that Cloud Nine hasn’t been in use for quite some time. I was wondering if anyone would be opposed towards me opening up an ethnic sort of café. It would only be open for breakfast and lunch, but the food there would be cuisine from all around the world and not just Earth either. If anyone would be interested in helping I would appreciate it. You can speak to me about it over the journals or even stop by house 44 if you like. I’ll also be around the library too for most of the day.

[ He’ll leave the journal open as he makes his way off to the memory garden to give Elise a new batch of flowers then. He’ll stop by the flower shop before heading over too. It was irrational to be sad having grown up with that sort of mindset. But he was always sad on this day because despite it all he still missed Elise a great deal. One thing that prior shift had him thinking about was her. In that world she was alive and well despite not having stayed with Helios for too long a period. He was happy even without Elise but somehow that thought seemed wrong to even acknowledge now. But there was Max and he was happy, incredibly so, and yet here he was in the memory garden with a fresh batch of late blooming flowers in his hands. He would go about his business throughout the day shortly after visiting Elise’s plot in the memory garden. The tea shop, Grocery store and then finally the Library to check up on things. He has a distinct distance look on his face as his thoughts churn within the confines of his head. He would have to tell Max about it, and he’s been thinking on how to approach the subject for a long time, so this seemed like as good a time as any. ]

[ Locked: Filtered to Max ]

Max? I-I’d like to talk with you if you’re not busy? I know it’s a bit sudden but…it’s somewhat important. I-I’m at the library so if you wouldn’t mind stopping by?

[ It’s quieter and less intrusive than anywhere else really. He’ll be home later in the evening where he’ll take Luminair and Maggir out for some play time in the front of the house before starting on dinner in the evening. ]
Helios Sprensonne
[ The journal’s video feed clicks on to reveal the exterior of House Castle 44, with both Helios and Saori seated outside at one of the little picnic tables in the shade of the stone tower they now call home. It’s been a few days since Saori returned home from her temporary stay with Morrigan, though it’s with bad news. The succubus had left Luceti. After discussing it with Helios, the two of them had figured that addressing that and several other things at once would be a good idea. They both had related business, after all. ]

Good afternoon Luceti.

Helios and I have a few announcements for everyone, and thought it’d be easiest if we just did them all at once.

Firstly, I regret to inform any of her friends that Morrigan Aensland has returned home. She’s left a handful of letters for most of the people that she knew, so if you knew her, please come by House 44 and I’ll pass it on to you.

[ As she finishes, Helios steps in, this time with a bit of good news to break up the bad. ]

Ah, and for my part, I’d like to announce that I’ll be restarting the Magic Club begun by Harry Dresden. We h-haven’t had a meeting for some time, but I think that it’s time we-we changed that, hm? I-I’d like for the first meeting to be a few weeks into July, if that’s alright with everyone? That way we can perhaps incorporate some New Feathers into it as well.

[ There’s another pause as they both look at one another and smile. The last announcement is something a bit fun for both of them, a way to put the troubles of the past few weeks behind them and have a little bit of fun. ]

And finally, we’ve decided to host a party for the Summer Solstice that’s coming up in a few days. We’ll be setting up a little party ground on the shore of the Southern Lake, and there will be food, music, dancing, and other things like that.

[ Saori nods, chiming in cheerily. The Solstice wasn’t a holiday in her native Japan, but there were other meanings it had for her personally, so she’s going along with it. After all, aren’t parties great? ]

Helios and I will be making quite a lot of food, and the weather promises to be absolutely splendid so please think about coming to visit. If anyone else would like to help with the preparations, we won’t turn away volunteers, either.

The Solstice is the 21st, this Friday, so please don’t forget. We’ll be starting with lunch and moving from there.

[ With a smile, Saori clicks off the video feed. But that’s not quite the end of the transmission. Helios adds yet another small announcement, filtered carefully away from a certain someone. ]

Voice, Filtered from Max Woodville 100%

Ah, and there’s one more thing. The solstice is also Max’s birthday so…we’d like to have an extra special part of the party be for his birthday. So please mark that on your c-calendar and if you cannot make it send Max a congratulations on another year.

[ Now the feed ends for good. For housemates, people coming for letters, or people just wanting to come by to chat in person both Helios and Saori will be around House 44 all day. Don’t be shy…come on by! ]

(ooc: Helios text is green. And Saori is blue. Responses will probably be threadjacked, so be aware!)
Helios Sprensonne
[ The light rain in the enclosure does not stop Helios today. He's feeling rather happy and in a mood to share the wonderful change to the outside of House 44. Who knows, maybe someone else would like to do it as well, it's only fair to make people aware of the changes allowed. So the video feed with kick on with Helios smiling happily and a rather gorgeous looking castle in the background. ] I'm happy to say that the shift acquired to t-turn one of the houses here has worked quite well so far. I wasn't sure if anyone was into this sort of thing but, ah, it's a nice reminder of home. I just wanted to show people that we can actually change the outward appearances of the houses here. The inside still remains the same however, but it's an improvement I think.

[ And with that happy note he'll close the video feed and continue on his way into town. So any passerby who is around town will note the stand he’s put up covered with delectable sweets and treats. It’s mainly for the new feathers but anyone is welcome to stop by and have some. People are free to stay in the surprisingly dry bubble around said stand when the rain is especially hard. ]

So it seems like new feather arrivals are upon us once more. It’s very nice to meet you all. I-I hope you get situated relatively quickly. It can be a bit daunting, I know, but if there’s anything you need help with don’t hesitate to ask around. Everyone here is very friendly and rather open when it comes to helping out. If you’re in the village this afternoon I’ve setup a stand with, ah, some sweets should anyone want some. There’s no need to be shy either! These are for everyone, old and new, so stop on by if you’re hungry or just need something sweet.

[ Helios is very chipper and it’s clear that he’s open towards anyone taking the baked goods he’s offering. ]

As for more serious business, I’d like to make an announcement to the village as a whole. Last year we had something known as the Cultural Fair in Luceti, wherein people setup stands and booths that displayed and portrayed parts of their home worlds. It can be whatever you want to show; whether it’s food, games, or even pictorial representations of indigenous species in your world. Anything and everything is allowed ah, well, as long as it’s safe and not t-too terribly messy of course! The fair is going to occur in June fifth. There are posters around town if you haven’t already seen them which also advertise the fair as well. If you have any questions I-I’m open towards talking about it. Or, ah, if you attend the school Professor Raine or Professor Layton can help you with any questions you have as well.

[ And then he’ll pause again before humming slightly as he collects his thoughts. ]

Ah yes! There is one more thing. The magic club which was run previously by Harry Dresden has been absent of late. I-I do want to continue the various projects and meetings if anyone from the prior club still wished to partake in such activities. I-I think coming together and pooling our skills collectively could really turn up some…interesting ideas and prospective projects to help the village along. Perhaps we could have another meeting a week or so after the cultural fair to discuss some things in more detail. I-I would just like people to respond if-if you’re still interested in, ah, learning or doing anything with the club in general. Thank you for your time and-and as always I hope everyone has a very nice day.
Helios Sprensonne
[ When the feed initially comes on there’s merely the sound of pained labored breathing. It’s clear that whoever it on the other end is trying desperately to breathe, but it hardly seems to be working well. There’s another pause as the sound of feet crunching through the snow stops. A deep breath filters through followed by a very agonized, wet, and pained cough, which sounds a bit distant as the afflicted turns away. The voice that comes out is slightly Romanian in accent when the person finally speaks. It's shaky and pained despite the attempts to not sound too much so, as if Helios doesn't want anyone to know his aliment at the moment.]

Ah. It’s snowing. R-Reminds me of when I first arrived here. [ A few moments of soft coughing as he continues to walk through the snow. He isn’t really enjoying the snow as much this time around. ]

I’m s-sorry for taking so long to comeback, they k-kept me a bit longer then expected. [ Helios would be one to apologize amidst having something like this. Another few coughs before there’s some stumbling. His voice is soft and if it wasn’t so quiet out he probably wouldn’t even be heard. But talking loudly is just really far too much for him right how. ] Ah. How long was I away for, exactly? Did we g-get more new arrivals yet? If-if we have I-I suppose a welcome is in o-order. [ Another cough or two as he tries to clear his throat. ] W-Welcome to Luceti, if-if you have just arrived. I hope you g-get...get situated nicely.

[ He sounds out of breath as he tries to get it back. But his chest and lungs just are not cooperating. His panic is thinly masked, because he knows that something is terrible wrong. ]

I’ll be home- [ Another fit of coughing as he tries to steady himself against that tree. Each one sends a tremendous amount of pain through his chest that he really just can’t talk anymore. He’ll switch to writing then instead so as to not worry too many people. ]

[ Written ]

I’ll be home shortly. Raine. I. I don’t think I’ll be able teach at the school for the next few days. [ And with that nothing else comes from him. He would ask for assistance but he doesn't want anyone else to get sick, if they even can. He’s missed so much but it was probably best that he didn’t go to school like this. He’s barely able to stand as is and his chest hurts quite a bit too. If you couldn’t tell Helios is a bit under the weather one look at his pale, slightly damp face will show you everything you need to know. And should you happen across him making his way back through the village from the woods behind C2 you will notice how tired and utterly miserable he looks in that snow. Coughing fits will overtake him slowing his progress back to house 44. ]

((ooc; Helios has come back with TB. It's not contagious (ICly though that won't be known) or able to be cured. But it won't get any better or worse for the week or so that he has it. It's in a fixed state of the later stages of the disease. ))
Helios Sprensonne
[ Oh dear. When Helios came outside the house to take Luminair and Maggir for a walk he was not expecting this. Helios might run into anyone who is walking by and will politely offer his apologies for bumping into said people. ] Oh! Ah. I-I'm terribly sorry...

Lots of people here today, aren't there? Very strange...none of them have any wings either. Hm.

[ Helios will ponder as he walks with one baby dragon draped across his shoulders and one nestled in his arms. He'll be making rounds to the tea shop, library, and of course the general store. ]
Helios Sprensonne
Action-y video portion )

Luminair you spoiled the surprise. Ah, well, I suppose it’s a good time as any to talk about it. If-if anyone was watching I recently m-made myself another ring. A, um, mirage ring to be exact! It-it helps change a person’s look by the illusion properties I enchanted this ring with. It works on dragons, werewolves, vampires, and all other sorts of mythological beings. But I’m not sure how much power this one will have, given the circumstances of Luceti. But it should work, most certainly at least when it’s not under the one hundred percent power cap or some other anti-magical shift. [ Said ring is held up to the camera and Luminair chirps in confirmation. ]

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in h-having…something of a private order type of enchanting service. I-I know that we have people here that can do so already, with specific gems and jewels from their world. Perhaps we could collaborate and, um, work together on making better more refined types of enchantments. We could probably use them to help f-fortify the defense of the village too…when you think about it! Maybe even apply defenses to the buildings and those sorts of things! If-if you’re interested in discussing it more I-I wouldn’t mind doing so at all. I think we could all benefit from such a thing, really.

[ And here he pauses looking thoughtful and rather pensive for the moment. ] It’s funny when I arrived here three years ago on this very day I never would have considered myself talking about magic so openly. Talking or evening using magic so openly, with people I-I hardly knew, in my world there’s serious ramifications for such things. But here we are, and here I am t-teaching magic like I wish to back at home. It’s a warming experience to go through, honestly. [ He wishes he would remember it once he left...if he left. Who knows if that'll happen anytime soon. And he's not sure how he feels about leaving, especially all of the people he's befriended here and the like. But like everything in this life and in general, only time may tell when such things will occur. ]

If anyone stops by the town plaza today I’ll have freshly baked cookies out for the occasion.

[ Helios likes to give something back, just to show how much he cares about the people here and how grateful he is to know them. ] It’s…sort of a way of s-saying thank you, for everything really. [ And with that Helios will turn off the video feed but leave the voice function on, in case anyone wants to talk over the journals as he goes to bake up a storm. ]

[ Action ]

[ Otherwise Helios will be found in the plaza that late afternoon with a table filled with all assortments of cookies and even a cake and pie or two. Feel free to take as much as you want, there's plenty to go around! ]